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Dominican women have an incredibly wide range of hair texture due to their rich cultural history. They are known for long flowing locks, healthy manageable hair and beautiful shiny tresses. The popularity of their hair care techniques has gone astronomical heights, because countless Afro-American and Afro Caribbean women would like to know how to achieve the Dominican look and feel of hair. The Dominican blow-out and The Doobie have become almost as famous as the country’s baseball players. So what’s the fuss about? Well many women of color have come to realize that using this special hair drying technique that Dominican salons offer, any woman with any hair texture can leave the salon with soft, free-flowing, bouncy hair. And that this effect is able to last if the hair is regularly wrapped in the Doobie. Many Black women are apprehensive about this drying system; where they feel the application of heat will be harsh on their hair causing breakage and weakness. I am here to say the contrary: the Dominican blow-out works great with black hair, whether its natural, relaxed or colored. You will find many opinions on in the internet but most of them have not experienced the full Dominican hair culture. is upfront